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Thursday, 20/05/2021 14:06

CMX: Planning to issue shares to existing shareholders

   The Board resolution dated May 19, 2021, the BOD of Camimex Group Joint Stock Company approved to execute the plan to issue shares to existing shareholders according to the Resolution of General Meeting of Shareholders with the following details:

-          Issuer: Camimex Group Joint Stock Company

-          Stock name: Camimex Group Joint Stock Company

-          Stock type: common share

-          Par value: 10,000 dongs

-          Number of outstanding shares: 30,408,751 shares

-          Expected issue volume: 30,408,751 shares

-          Charter capital before the issuance: VND 304,087,510,000

-          Expected charter capital after the issuance: VND 608,175,020,000

-          Issue ratio: 1:1 (shareholder who owns 01 share will receive 01 right, and with every 01 right will be entitled to purchase 01 new share).

-          Issue price: VND 10,000/share

-          Expected execution time: after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC).

-          Plan to deal with fractional shares: due to the issuance ratio 1:1, so this issuance will not have fractional shares.

-          Plan to deal with unsold shares: the number of unsold shares (if any) will be decided by the Board of Directors.

-          The new shares are freely transferable.


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