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No.StockAbbreviationNameExchangeUpdate date
1 A32 32JSC 32 Joint Stock Company UpCOM 10/17/2018
2 AAA An Phat Bioplastics., JSC An Phat Bioplastics JSC HoSE 6/21/2019
3 AAM AAM Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock Company HoSE 4/20/2019
4 AAV VTSRE.,HC Viet Tien Son Real Estate Holding Company HNX 4/10/2019
5 ABC VMG VMG Media JSC UpCOM 8/11/2016
6 ABI ABIC Agriculture Bank Insurance Joint Stock Corporation UpCOM 7/15/2016
7 ABR Viet Brand Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock Company UpCOM 8/28/2019
8 ABT AQUATEX BENTRE Bentre Aquaproduct Import And Export JSC HoSE 6/7/2019
9 AC4 ACC-244 JSC AAC-224 Joint Stock Company UpCOM 1/5/2018
10 ACB ACB Asia Commercial Bank HNX 11/20/2019
11 ACC Binh Duong ACC ACC Binh Duong Investment and Construction JSC HoSE 1/6/2020
12 ACE ACECO An Giang Centrifugal Concrete JSC UpCOM 12/30/2015
13 ACL CL-Fish Corp Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock Company HoSE 1/25/2019
14 ACM AC Group.,JSC A Cuong Mineral Group JSC HNX 12/17/2018
15 ACS ACSC Architect & Construction Service Corporation UpCOM 7/7/2017
16 ACV ACV Airports Corporation Of VietNam UpCOM 1/18/2019
17 ADC AD&C.,JSC Art Design And Communication JSC HNX 6/13/2017
18 ADG CLEVER GROUP Clever Group Corporation UpCOM 12/17/2019
19 ADP ADONG PAINT A Dong Paint JSC UpCOM 11/26/2016
20 ADS Damsan JSC DamSan Joint Stock Company HoSE 3/15/2018
21 AFC AFCB Binh Duong Agriculture and Forestry JSC UpCOM 6/7/2017
22 AFX AFIEX An Giang Agriculture and Foods Import - Export JSC UpCOM 1/4/2018
23 AG1 28.1 JSC 28.1 JSC UpCOM 4/17/2019
24 AGF AGIFISH Co Angiang Fisheries Import Export JSC HoSE 9/25/2017
25 AGG AN GIA An Gia Real Estate Investment and Development Corporation HoSE 12/21/2019
26 AGM ANGIMEX An Giang Import - Export Company HoSE 6/13/2017
27 AGP AGIMEXPHARM Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company UpCOM 10/17/2019
28 AGR AGRISECO Agribank Securities Corporation HoSE 11/29/2019
29 AGX AGREX SAIGON Saigon Export Foodstuffs and Agricultural Products JSC UpCOM 7/11/2017
30 ALT ALTA Alta Company HNX 6/26/2018
31 ALV VAM ALV Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company UpCOM 6/29/2019
32 AMC AMC Asia Mineral Joint Stock Company HNX 4/25/2019
33 AMD FLC AMD.,JSC FLC AMD Mining And Investment Joint Stock Company HoSE 1/10/2020
34 AME ALPHANAM E&C JSC Alphanam E&C Joint Stock Company HNX 4/3/2019
35 AMP ARMEPHACO JSC. Armephaco Joint Stock Company UpCOM 1/10/2017
37 AMV AMVIBIOTECH INC American Vietnamese Biotech INC HNX 9/18/2019
38 ANT ANTESCO An Giang Fruit - Vegetables & Foodstuff JSC UpCOM 10/31/2018
39 ANV NAVICO Nam Viet Corporation HoSE 1/18/2019
40 APC API. Co An Phu Irradiation Joint Stock Company HoSE 8/31/2018
41 APF APFCO Quang Ngai Agricultural Products and Foodstuff Joint Stock Company UpCOM 7/27/2019
42 APG APG APG Securities Joint Stock Company HoSE 8/23/2019
43 API APEC Investment.,JSC Asia - Pacific Investment Joint Stock Company HNX 7/12/2019
45 APP APP Additives And Petroleum Products Joint Stock Company HNX 9/21/2019
46 APS APEC Asia - Pacific Securities Joint Stock Company HNX 11/24/2018
47 APT APT Co SaiGon Aquatic Products Trading Joint Stock Company UpCOM 12/5/2019
48 AQN AGTEX 28 Quang Ngai Joint Stock Company UpCOM 9/26/2019
49 ARM AIRIMEX.,JSC General Aviation Import Export JSC HNX 5/18/2017
50 ART BOS BOS Securities Corporation HNX 1/3/2020
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